Ride For Toby

On Friday, September 22, 2017 we suddenly and tragically lost our daughter's sweet horse, Toby. We've spent the better part of the last 5 days in a state of shock, sadness and dismay. How could this have happened?!

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Police Report

Initially, the police said all evidence pointed to a single gunshot wound to the head. That thought in itself is cruel and has fueled and motivated so many people to respond and react. After the autopsy (necropsy) performed by UGA- Athens vet, we've learned there was no bullet. The investigation continued , experts were consulted and all possibilities were considered. All the above feel confident that all reasonable evidence concludes that on that Friday morning, shortly after being turned out to graze, with his normal pasture buddies, that he received a sudden, tragic and fatal kick to the forehead ,by another horse. It is a freakish , random accident that everyone involved believes was not intentional or aggressive. Sadly, Toby was just in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Although this information does not bring Toby back, nor does it remove the hurt and loss of Sami's partner and best friend..... it does help lessen the blow , and eases our souls, knowing that there was no ill intent . No evil person out there took the life of this beautiful creature. That alone brings a bit of peace.We thank all our dear friends , the community and our amazing horse loving family! The love and support you have shown us and especially Sami has inspired us and comforted us greatly!!

The world lost a beautiful, graceful gift of God last Friday, but we want good to come out of that! We want to do something in his name, in his memory to help other horses out there that truly are abused, starved, abandoned or helpless. Please join us by donating to a local horse rescue Save The Horses, in Canton, Ga. where heroes truly live to save horses!!

As a memorial to Toby, our family will match the first $10,000 in donations. Thank you so much!!!

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